Synergy Nutra - Such a scam!

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I ordered my "free 14 day trial" of slim berry expecting to only pay $4.95 for shipping.I received my product but without any contact information or even a receipt.

I was then charged an additional $97.36 to my credit card without receiving any other product. I then found a phone number that sent me to an answering service who never called me back. I then found another number and had to fight with the girl just to get my account cancelled. I was told that because I didn't contact them in time I was paying the full price.

Kind of hard to cancel when proper contact info isn't giver.Such a scam!

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thanks for posting, I've spent the better part of the afternoon trying to talk to someone

Calgary, Alberta, Canada #691472

I finally got ahold of someone at (260) 676-4048. Hope that helps.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #691462

Hey, I am stuck in the same situation! What number did you call to have your account cancelled?

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